Emerging technologies, merging with fairly stiff objects – that would be blogs vs. me.  I’m thinking blogs aren’t really emerging, they’ve pretty much arrived.  I tend to be kind of slow on the uptake.  So, here we go.  Wish me luck.

Thought I’d start off with a couple of hopeful images – I’m pretty sure it’s almost spring.  The calendar says so, the plants are giving it a good go and even the hummingbirds are back.  Flowering_currant_3

I love this flowering currant.  It seems to bloom forever and the colors are lovely.

The tulips are late!Almost_spring_4

Almost_spring_3_2 I bought this great Kenyan bag at the Food Co-op, but there it sits waiting for the sun to come out.  There’s something not quite right about a lime green basket and a heavy sweater.                            

See, even the columbine thinks it should be spring.


Not sure about the photo layout, but I guess I’ll figure that out soon enough.  Okay, that’s enough for the first go round.