Why "waking up"? 

This year has been a year of discovery – personally, professionally, spiritually.  I’ve spoken to many people experiencing the same things I’ve been feeling.  Overall, the common denominator seems to be a general sense we’re in the midst of a transformation – as individuals as well as on a planetary level.  It’s comforting to know I’m not alone as I travel this path.  My brother shared this great visual to help me get a feel for what’s happening – there’s the upper layer of what can be a nasty and scary everyday existence on planet Earth, but just below that crusty layer is a wellspring of vibrant, positive, creative energy – bubbling, coalescing, and now starting to break through the nasty outer crust . . . that’s where my fellow travelers are, that’s where I am.  Now I know we’re . . . waking up.

So, in deciding to take on the "blog thang", my intention is to establish a place for my ruminations about this path so many of us seem to be traveling, throw in some work related things, and then some "life in general" musings, a smattering of images and sources of inspiration.  That’s the idea as of today. 

In love and gratitude.                             – kvk