One of my challenges this year has been to become more aware of my ego and all its tentacles.  A visit with a psychic after an early January meltdown started my shift.  Hours and hours of meditation have been an enormous help.   Eckhart Tolle’s new book has been very helpful and, along with an impressive number of people around the world,  I’ve watched several of the on-line lessons.  Lord, you’ve gotta love Oprah.  How cool is it that she’s got millions of people, simultaneously, making a serious effort to become more aware and loving.  That’s gotta be a good thing.

In taking on this blog, the Etsy site and updating my website, I’ve been wondering about my underlying motivations – actually I guess wondering if there are underlying motivations.  If all of this is ego driven is a big question.  On a surface level, maybe just a bit.  So it’s going to be an exercise in awareness to not go there.

Where I get excited is thinking about being a link to a diverse section of humanity and sharing ideas and inspirations.  So to that end, here’s a couple of links that can provide several days, weeks, probably months of food for thought.

Just found out about this one …… TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design)  "Ideas worth spreading"

I heard of this organization maybe 13 or 14 years ago – they’re going stronger than ever – endless inspiration …….. Institute of Noetic Sciences

One last thing – all those years at the Nantahala Outdoor Center did give me at least one thing – my favorite visual.  The best thing when you fall out of the boat and are afraid you’re going to drown – put your feet into the "swimmer’s position" and just flow downstream.  Translate – "go with the flow", "let go, let God",  or how about a quote from The Borg – "resistance is futile" – you know, "what you resist persists".Hrh_zoe

Lil miss Zoe’s known that forever.