Started with a nice breakfast of hearty french toast, warm maple syrup and strong black tea.

Moved on to my "photo shoot" – six new necklaces to put on the Etsy shop.  All the images I shot yesterday had one small flaw – the white background that has worked so well was totally inappropriate for this group.  Each necklace (save one) has a pebble of white beach glass which completely disappears against the normally wonderful white background.  Bugger.

Spent at least an hour and a half trying different backgrounds – shoot a few images, plug them into the ‘puter, see how they look, try something else.  Reach the "aha moment" with some montana flagstone, shoot each piece at least four times – various poses, angles, etc … plug them in and criminy if all the nice flat silver elements aren’t all flared out white, completely devoid of detail – how’d I miss that?  Now the battery’s running down on the camera, must be recharged before yet another reshoot.

Take a break while the battery’s loading up, head to the Co-op – must put some food in the really empty fridge.  Return, determined to improve my "seeing" in the next shoot. 

Success!  Load the images, crop, resize, doctor a bit and get ready to upload.  But now it’s time to stop – feed Zoe whose alarm went off about an hour ago, get our dinner going and wind down.   Here’s a sample of the finished product – which has already been sold!  Really loving this Etsy thing.

Better now – three of the six are in the shop and now here venting a bit via this new outlet.  The psychic said to write more and I do seem to be enjoying this in combination with my beloved pencil and paper.