So what brings joy and inspiration into my life?  Joy seems pretty straightforward …Zoe_lolling_about

Zoe lolling about for sure

The view down the steps from above Haller FountainSteps_above_galatea_2

Followed soon thereafter by one of my favorite sights – the munchkins from the downtown daycare on a hike.



Definitely these flowers – every year I forget about them, so every year they are such a lovely surprise – I don’t even know what they’re called

And most certainly a good haul from "glass beach"


These days joy goes hand in hand with gratitude which ties into creativity – I am so very grateful for the gift of creativity and the ability to utilize that gift to earn a good, growing to exceptional, living.

Begin with a few joyous moments in time which are usually followed by inspiration which leads to creation followed by gratitude ending in joy – sounds like a life well-lived. 

More on inspiration  . . . later.

love and blessings – kvk