brief thoughts regarding current state of inspiration or lack thereof  . . .
pulse quickening
brings a furrow to my brow – either way it goes

I spent yesterday afternoon wondering around the house in search of inspiration, perusing our well-stocked bookshelves, staring at the yard and gardens, rifling through piles on my work table, fully aware of looming deadlines and the "real work" I’m supposed to be doing.  Finally landed on two books – In A Spiritual Style and was drawn to the work of Carol Anthony – especially her pears, what is it about still life paintings of pears?  Carol_anthony_pear_landscape_blogsi

The other spine calling to me was Artists In Their Gardens  – a lot of NW artists and some pretty amazing gardens – making me pine even more for a home out in the sticks.

In the end, this one brought me to a resting spot and I managed to get back to the "real work" …
Angels of Pompeii – I found a used copy at The Strand in NYC for $4.  I scanned the cover image and now have this angel looking over my work table  – a benevolent presence indeed …Pompeii_angel_blogsize_2

Inspiration remains illusive, brief glimpses only.   Reassuring to remain productive and positive in the midst of what feels like a blank and empty sea.

I do know that the emptiness will pass … that it is impossible to know the exhilaration of a wild surge of inspiration without knowing it’s opposite.  I pray this time the pendulum’s swing will not be immense.


love and blessings – kvk