Today as I continue to work on new ideas and my experiments with steel and PMC, I've stopped several times to marvel at the little things that bring joy to my work . . . freshly drilled pearls drying on a threadbare linen tea towel.  Drilled pearlsI love drilling pearls.  I think it goes back to a time when I couldn't believe it was something I could do, which then reminds me how I also find great joy in the level of skill I have achieved through the years. 

Then there's the treasures I uncovered at our local architectural salvage yard . . .  three new toys for texture – an old hammer with a nicely corroded face, a door stop with two equally corroded sides and this enormous window weight – must have been some really big windows – and it's really pitted.  Can't wait to see what comes from their surfaces.  The hank of burnt out copper wire was only a dollar – it looks like about 12 guage and is about 3 feet long.  Wnwn haul

Of course, the one piece that I have no immediate plans for, but couldn't  resist, was the chunk of gorgeous dark green marble for $2.50.  Rocks, just can't resist rocks.  So, I think it was $10 well spent with months of joy to come.

Something I've been savoring over the last few weeks is a small chap book brought back from Japan by a friend.Kanjiro's book  

It's a collection of poems by a Japanese potter, Kanjiro Kawai, followed by a short essay about Kawai by the woman who collected the poems.  It was originally published in 1952 and this edition is from 1973.  A perfect little wabisabi book – complete with rusted staples holding it all together.

The arrival of this gift was particularly timely – given the name of the book WE DO NOT WORK ALONE  and especially some of the poems.  So appropriate for where I am right now and for including in this post – a joy indeed.

A couple of excerpts . . .

My past has been an infinite past,

My future is endless before me.

I want to see a new self.

I work.

Somewhere I am –

I go out.  I search.

An endless land,

A new world

– the unknown self.

many blessings,