I started off the day drinking a cup of tea, checking email, thinking about sitting down to work.  Then shifted direction and sat down for what turned out to be a glorious morning meditation.  It's hard to describe how I feel at times like this, but I think this photo comes close . . .Expansive

At one point I felt absolutely bursting with light… utterly expansive … joyous.  That feeling of joy has continued through the day. 

After "re-entry" I decided to do a little image searching for a "dream farm" to put on my vision board … my ever-evolving concept of a rural homestead, and found this . . . Dream farm

. . . which is now printed and posted in three different spots around my workroom.  I love how these two things have infused my day with such pleasure. 

It's also led me to ponder the how's of maintaining this feeling.  I'm thinking this photo and some of the treasures I surround myself with while working and place in strategic locations around the house will act as visual touchstones.  I firmly believe it's possible to live every day in the moment, joyous, fully awake.

The gaps are growing shorter … a challenge is to find a common thread, establish more of those touchstones, identify triggers – construct a sort of spiritual power strip … something I can look to and see that, yes I'm plugged in or no, the plug has come loose and needs to be re-connected.  I'm liking the "power strip" visual.  I'm working on a routine  - a spiritual re-boot.  Of course, having been a logical, brain fixated person for so long, this may be folly and not an appropriate direction. 

Trick is – stay out of my head, stay in my heart.  That's what I started with this morning, a heart that seemed all tied up.  So, the shift to bursting with light and feeling so utterly expansive was a relief.  The shift was quick and painless and seems to be holding – so far.  Joy joy joy – deep breath . . . . . . . . .

many blessings