So apparently Typepad is having difficulties with their new “compose” format.  I didn’t get quite as far as yesterday with my intended post, but it’s an insanely annoying thing to lose everything with one click.  It’s a “known” issue, but until it becomes a “resolved” issue, I’m not going to spend valuable time attempting the impossible.

So, in short and with no photos …

The first part of the month was getting out orders, getting new work to AOT and on Etsy and getting ready to head south.  We’ve just returned from an eleven day family reunion vacation in Florida and I have lots of photos and stories as well as many new thoughts to add to the “waking up” theme.  I’m just kind of disheartened right now after losing yet another post (I’m up to at least five) and need to stop and go pull some weeds or something to re-focus and decompress.

wishing you well

many blessings, kvk