Interesting …
Compare the text and tone of the May 31st post to the last two.  I’m thinking there’s a lesson in there.  Okay, so I can be a bit slow.

Really trying to regain my footing.  I feel like I’m in quicksand and the more I try to get out the worse it gets.  There’s that NOC “swimmer’s position” metaphor again.  Problem is, I’m not sure what I’m struggling against or with or for.  The trip to Florida gave us a major load of information.  Now I just have to leave it be and let it settle.  There’s another water metaphor – after a storm or heavy rains (information), the water’s (my brain) all churned up and cloudy.  It takes time for everything to settle back down and regain clarity.  Rightio – there’s my answer.  I’m liking that – work through a couple of sentences and there it is.

Okay, I’m better now.