well, that’s not the most desirable layout, but at least I got some images to load without the whole thing crashing.  If I want to do any combination of text and images I have to get creative.

Other things I’ve been mulling over…

Had a bit of time to talk with my brothers about their science and religion project – well that’s sort of what it is.  My assignment was to come up with some questions – here’s a couple of things I’ve been mulling over …

What constitutes a “perfect life”? 

What would an average day look like when you are an enlightened being? 

What about anger and other “negative” emotions – where do they fit in?  How does this new paradigm fit into existing traditions? 

I’m wondering about “models” for once you start to wake up.  Tools for maintaining your focus … maybe some kind of “touchstone” … a “spiritual powerstrip” – something I can look to and see if I’m “plugged in” or not.  That one’s probably kind of silly, and has the ring of logic and over-analyzing that I tend towards.

Something else I’ve been thinking about – a new model for success that supports my path towards “waking up” … I’ve achieved a wonderful level of success, but am ready to go further.  How does that fit in?  How does that work?  I’m pretty sure the motivation that got me where I am right now had high degree of vanity and ego behind it.  What does a successful AND enlightened life look like?  Yvon Chouinard comes to mind (Patagonia and the old Great Pacific Ironworks).  I guess Oprah is the queen, but I’m not sure that’s a model for me. 

How do I maintain my drive and motivation – free of ego?  What is behind my desire to have my work in high-profile venues – is it ego driven?  Can I maintain that drive without ego, from an awakened perspective?

I’m stumped.

Suggestions are welcome……

in love and gratitude – kvk