apparently, Typepad is still buggered – really not happy about this.  This is my third try at posting something in the last hour.  I should just about have the thing memorized –  what I want to say is ……

’tis show season in my studio, which means

designing new work

making new work

photographing and formatting

naming numbering pricing

updating my catalog

printing said catalog – that includes regular print form and CD’s which have a lovely cover shot printed directly onto the CD – I really like the look of these.  They’re so much cheaper to produce, but most galleries still want the paper versions.

bundling everything up and shipping off to the reps

Right now I’m in the printing stage – CD’s are done, print versions tomorrow – they take a LONG time.

I’m hoping to sneak in a couple of days to work on some pieces for Etsy – I’ve got several ideas I want to try out and am itching to bring them into reality.  My emailing and this blog and Etsy have been on hold since we got back from Florida – had to get a couple of orders out and get the new work done along with all that entails.

Next comes getting excited about the shows – San Francisco and Seattle International Gift Shows and a new one – Accessories the Show in NY.  I’ve got high hopes for that one.  I’ll drop in on Seattle, but that’s it for travel for now.

Oh and how could I forget …….. PROJECT RUNWAY starts back up on Wednesday!!!!!!!!! Yippee – we, yep, that’s the actual “we” and not the “royal we”, really really really love that show.

So, for now I’ll close with a couple of pics – one is the cover shot for the new catalog and the other is in honor of our 28th anniversary in one week.  Sorry, but this format is the only way I can get this silly blog to work.

many blessings – kvk

Catalog fall 08 cover blogsizeK & D july 80