oooooohhh I’m so very excited!!!  I’ve just finished a complete re-design of my website.  I have to say it is really nice and a dramatic improvement.  The new banner for the blog is the same image I’ve used – altered – as my border “motif” throughout the site.  It’s sheets of mica with these great edges that I’ve staggered and photographed and doctored up a bit.  I’ve finally got the images so that they pop up full size and the whole thing seems to flow pretty well.  Comments are appreciated.

Life’s been pretty good here in PT.  The weather’s finally stayed nice for more than a couple of days – more like a couple of weeks – lovely!  The garden’s blooming like crazy  Rock rose
and the deer are everywhere …Visitors 2
This is a mom and two fawns across the street – well, first there’s the fawns and next is the three of them…….Visitors 4

There’s lots that I want to share and now that the website is done I’ll have some time to catch up.
I’ll be back soon ……..
many blessings – kvk

p.s.  don’t forget Project Runway tonight!!!