Goodness, so much to consider………

This week, my big goal has been to sit down and work on my big goals.  So here it is Friday and I’m just getting started.  It’s not as though I’ve been idle – my new website is really nice.  Yesterday was spent altering photos to make a wholesale “line sheet” that can be emailed to accounts.  That didn’t get finished.  The thumbnail size images just weren’t showing up like I envisioned.  I’ve decided to give that project a rest and move on to the goals.  I felt like this would be a good place to start putting some ideas down and ponder some of the challenges.

My main focus for goal setting right now is growing my business and all that entails.  So much of this year has been given to the spiritual side of “waking up” and now it’s time to translate what I’ve learned into the business side. 

Looking back, I’ve come a long, long way…  I don’t have any of my really early work (mid ’90’s to ’01) in digital format – take my word, actually two words – primitive and naive.  Actually, that sounds kind of harsh.  Maybe it was just the underlying lack of skill and vision.  The work had heart, I just didn’t have the techniques and skill that I have today.  Ah, hindsight……..

Big DX neck bs
This necklace was inspired by the work of DX Ross – basically that’s the “jangly” elements.  When I met her, she had no use for PMC and was pretty disdainful about the process.  As best as I can remember it’s from around ’02 or ’03.  I really did love my early beads and this was one of my first attempts at setting crushed glass beads in PMC.

I’m thinking this was ’02.  I still really love this piece and will
never part with it.  I originally made it when I was trying to get into
the Southern Highlands Craft Guild.  They never ever “got” my work, but
they really hated this series.  I got the lowest scores of all the
times I submitted work.  As a “neener-neener” to them –  it was in a
couple of the early PMC exhibitions.Scabbard neckpiece 02

Jewel encrusted pendant 03
As you can see I was heavily influenced by the Middle Ages … still am, but it only shows up periodically in some “one-off” pieces.

Vestige - jeweled earrings 03
Here’s the matching earrings …

  I was thinking these were from ’03, but now maybe I’m thinking ’02 – hmmm, not sure.

This “Beach Collage” was spring ’04 – after moving to PT.

Beach collage april 04

I didn’t see it at the time, but looking back I find myself horribly guilty of succumbing to the “Nina knock-off” plague and for that, Nina, if you happen to see this – I most sincerely apologize.

Finally, in 2005 I started finding my own voice.  This work was really complex and at times really convoluted – at least it grew into that.  April 05

I was trying REALLY hard to fine “me”.  I very much wanted acceptance and notoriety and big bucks.  I enlisted the services of Teri Jo Summer
for a business consultation.  I had seen in an Ornament article that
she had moved to Whidbey Island – right across the inlet from me.  Drumming up an enormous amount of
courage, I called her up.  Amazingly, she had her phone number in the
ad that coincided with the feature article.  She walked on the ferry, I picked her up and we had a wonderful, and very spiritually based, business consultation.  I think it was 75 bucks – worth every penny and ridiculously cheap – that’s just where she was at the time.  I’m pretty sure that’s changed.  Anyway, that gave me lots of information and food for thought and, I’m sure, was the start of my big shift.

In the last months of ’05 I sort of shut down production.  I couldn’t bring myself to do any more of the crazy complex work.  Then something shifted and I made this …Coin spring '06

The “stitching” was about the only remnant of the previous work.  That winter I just hunkered down, poured over piles of books on Japanese gardens, Andy Goldsworthy books and Rivers and Tides, read as much as I could find on Wabi-Sabi, Maya Lin architecture and installations – I think you can see the theme – minimalist and organic. 

From there, everything changed.  I hooked up with some amazing sales reps, got my work into the SFMOMA museum store and was the “centerfold” of their holiday flyer, got into the Ansel Adams Gallery, LAMOMA, Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Museum of Glass and a ton of wonderful other west coast galleries and a few back east … busy, busy, busy!

In there, my goals have shifted and morphed and grown and blossomed.  But since my “meltdown” earlier this year, my business focus has blurred.  I’ve questioned my goals and motivations.  So, here I am in late July 2008, ready to re-define those goals and motivations – for it’s become just as important to me to know why I want to head in a particular direction. 

Where am I going?  What do I love?  Is it an authentic expression?  And now – Why do I want to go there?

Not sure, yet.  I’ll keep you posted.
Wish me luck.

with gratitude and many blessings – kvk