While we were in south Florida, I spent some time with Dave’s mom trying to help her decide what to do with her enormous stash of beads and miscellanea.  Like a lot of people that get hooked on beads, she had been buying tons and using some and now was ready to part with them.  She’s not a computer person at all and most of the ideas I was coming up with involved Dave’s brother John putting a lot of effort into something he knows nothing about and has no interest in.  Then I uttered the brilliant solution – “Why don’t you just send the whole lot to me and I’ll deal with it.”  Voila, that, of course was the correct solution.  Well, I know – sounds crazy – but I figured I’m the best equipped to figure out what to do with the lot.  I’ve got the camera, studio set-up, pricing knowledge or at least the resources to come up with pricing, computer knowledge and the Etsy shop (if I decide to go that way).  Plus, there were some things in there that I was coveting.  So, here’s the stash …Treasure chest 1

It arrived earlier this week and I opened it up and hauled everything out – had to see what was there.  Lord mercy!  Lots and lots and lots ……  Treasure chest 2

Treasure chest 4

Treasure chest 5

So, today I decided to start in on sorting it all out, seeing what’s really there and deciding where to begin with my disposal plans. Treasure chest 6

I can’t decide if I want to go the Etsy route or Ebay;  each one has its advantages and disadvantages. 

I started with the seed beads.  I figured they were the easiest to sort and do some sort of logical grouping.   As of now, I’ve got the seed beads sorted and ready for the next step – not sure what that is. Treasure chest 7

But the most important thing is that I’ve had a good helper. 

Little helper

I have to say, this has been a good project for a rainy day – something that I’m enjoying for a change.  It’s actually been a bit since we had any rain and a rainy Sunday sorting beads and playing with colors and textures – well, it’s been a nice day.

ta ta for now – kvk