Today’s one of those challenging days.  I’ve been mulling over a new series of jewelry for several weeks.  A few days ago I was hit by an “ah ha” moment and knew where to go next with this work in progress.  I’ve been shuffling and rearranging and turning this way and that, upside down and sideways, grouping twos and threes and anything else I could come up with – lengths of forged steel to combine with really raw PMC components (love love love these) and jumbo pearls that I’ve drilled out and two-ply unbleached Irish linen thread and leather cord.  These elements are really wonderful together – my perfect combination of raw and organic and contemporary and ancient all mixed together.Elements
In my excitement and anticipation for the glorious work to come, I emailed the reps to the effect of I know this is crazy, but I’m trying to get samples and line sheets done so I can Fed-Ex them to NY for the show that starts on Sunday (that’s THIS Sunday).  So here I am, intently focused on forging bunches of steel wire, not quite frantic, but definitely motivated.  There was my haircut at 3 and then I had to stop around 6 to work on dinner, then a quick shower to rinse off after my hair cut (bits of hair all down my back – makes me crazy!) – then back to work for another 45 minutes or so.  And you know what???  My body was not happy. 

So, I’ve just emailed the reps again – the work is going to be great, but this 52 year old menopausal body (it’s official) will not want to produce vast quantities of forged steel anything.  This is going to be a limited edition series – limited to what my body willingly allows.  Better to accept this now – it would be hugely unfortunate to have a stack of orders I could only fill with the aid of copious amounts of ibuprofen and a masseuse on the payroll.

This is where I am thus far, there’s more, but I don’t have pictures yet.  It will have it’s premier at AOT gallery walk on Saturday – after that, I’m not sure. Steel choker & earrings 1
Interesting thing – accepting one’s limits.  I’m not sad – more relieved.  Now I can spend all of tomorrow assembling those marvelous components into glorious new creations.  I know the best venue will present itself – my body rejoices. 

with gratitude – kvk