First, I’m so very grateful that today is not yesterday – spent most of the day in a sneezing, stuffed up mess – long story and would rather not go back there.  Today is ever so very very much better.  The day started off beautifully – our morning walk on the beach and around Ft Worden (anybody see Officer and a Gentleman?); the temp started out at 63!  It’s supposed to hit the 80’s today and tomorrow.  I know it’s true because there’s been this object in the sky that seems to warm things up ………Foreign object
Lovely, just lovely!
It was also a banner day for beach finds.  Here’s all of today’s treasures and a couple from recent days …Recent treasures
The marble at the top is a very special treasure as is the dagger shaped piece of yellow in the front – Dave found them both.  The piece of yellow is probably going to get drilled and added to my gratitude necklace.  I’m always amazed when I find bones – that’s a small one on the right – how do they survive all the crashing about?  I decided the clear marble was a sort of crystal ball and made a stand for it.  It’s a gift for someone … hmmm, wonder who that might be???  Crystal ball Other treasures that have recently come into my life … I got my Grampa’s cobbler hammer!  So it is just about the strangest hammer I’ve ever seen and weighs a good 17 ounces.  My brother made the  New treasure 1handle which is beautiful in its own right.  It’s going to take some practice to figure out how I want to use it and I’m definitely going to have to learn how to hammer with my left hand – otherwise I’m going to be seriously lopsided.  The face is not as marred as the other one I’ve been using.  I’m thinking this one will work for flattening things out in short order and the other for texturing once the metal is thinned out.  I have no idea how the curved end was used.  This is going to involve a bit of research, but goodness – what a treasure!

Surprise finds
Then there’s the gifts that come back into our lives when we thought they were gone.  I thought all of my beach glass and PMC components had gone to new homes, but I just found these stashed in a drawer at AOT.  A while back I had grown weary of these – I just wasn’t using them and was in clean-out mode, but now that they’ve been out of sight for a bit I can see how lovely they really are.  I’m still okay about parting with them and will be putting them on Etsy in the next few days.  I also found some jewelry backstock, which I promptly removed and brought home to re-work.  There I am again – retrofitting and re-working.  It’s a way of life.

And today, I’m especially grateful to have crossed paths with Kate Strickland (thanks to Lynne’s blog).  It’s very exciting to see work that I connect to immediately such as her cast paper reliquaries.  The similarities in our artistic sensibilities are fascinating – motifs, language, materials – very exciting, indeed.  She’s posted my contribution to her “tool Tuesday” – that was the inspiration for my “tour of the studio” post a few days ago.  It’s still sort of strange to be connecting this way, but I guess that’s the whole point of this endeavor.  But, a heartfelt “Thank You, Kate”.

And last, but not least, I am so very grateful for my sweet little Zoe and for all the joy she brings to my life.

Sweet kitty And with deepest gratitude to the universe for each of these gifts, to friends new and old, and for the people in my life that continue to challenge me to become a better person.

many blessings – kvk