So I've got emails and comments to respond to and things to post on Etsy and Etsy sales to get ready to mail and goodie boxes to mail and dinner's in the oven and here I am compelled to post a blog entry.  We'll see how far I get before I have to stop and start cooking string beans . . .

We've had a couple of rainy days, a nice change – it's been really dry!  One thing I love about those days – colors just pop and details show up really well.  Here's a couple of yard shots from Friday morning – really nice colors.  This is my favorite perennial  "I don't know what the heck it is" but I love it from this time of year until it really dries out.
Art shot
This little guy was pretty cute, the big ones not so much.  And the hydrangea colors – wonderful!
The other thing that has sidetracked my ever so good intentions – I've been working on sort of a production model of my Gratitude Pendant.  I finally figured out what to do for the metal element – you'll have to wait to see that.  Other things to be included – a Gratitude Rock – touch it and think of the things for which you're grateful.  Here's my stash from which to choose …
Pebble stash
Then there'll be a chunk of beach glass, a reminder of life's unexpected gifts – probably a colored piece,
Glass stash 2
but maybe white . . .
Glass stash 1
Then I'll include a couple slices of watermelon tourmaline , pink for spiritual awareness and green for abundance.  Throw in a few kvk spacers on leather with a kvk button clasp and that will be my Gratitude Pendant

Okay, time to see to the beans.  Purple beans, wild rice and a roasted chicken with a nicely chilled Australian Semillon/Chardonnay.  yummy!

Everybody – I'll be in touch – tomorrow!

many blessings – kvk