Goodness, I'm so excited! (where's the Pointer Sisters when you need them?)

We're heading to Seattle tomorrow with samples of the new Gratitude Pendants.  I've posted two on Etsy and already sold one.  The whole concept is really coming together.   "waking up – talismans for fellow travelers" will be a series, the first one being gratitude – a hand, next is grace – a cross, along with forgiveness – a heart of some sort, compassion – not sure what that will be, a blessing pod that I have a really cool idea for (have to wait and see……), and I'm not sure what else. 

Gp catalog shot blogsize

Here's the production model for "gratitude" – I added a swatch of silk with a blessing inscribed and then lashed it to the chain with unbleached Irish linen …

And the packaging is equally nice.  I need to look for tins made in the U.S.  If anyone knows a source, please advise.  These are like little Altoid tins – 2 x 2.5.  The copper tape is slug tape from the hardware store with a printed mailing label overlay…Gp product shot 2 blogsize
I found a couple of great fonts to use – the display one is "Franks" and the text is "Film Cryptic" – free fonts from 1001fonts or something like that.  The background image is a fresco of an angel from Pompeii.  Also need to check on copyright stuff on that, but for now I'm going with it.

My brain's pretty much mush right now – I've been going full tilt boogie all week and then  all day today since 6:30 this morning (those that know me know that's a rare thing) and it's now going on 10:30.  I need to wind down so I can go to sleep – up early to get an early ferry then a nice brunch at a French restaurant by Pike Place Market, then up to the Gift Show to see what the reps think of the new "concept".  If they're not into it, I'm not going to push it.  I know these are going somewhere and the right venues are going to fall beautifully into place.

Very exciting, very exciting indeed.

nite nite – kvk