So we got up really early on Saturday, looking fine and ready to shine my artist self around the Seattle Gift Show.  We've just turned onto the highway out of town, the car hick-ups and the check engine light comes on.  We spend the next 25 miles in a back and forth discussion – go/not go.  Finally, the decision – which is worse, stuck in Seattle or disappointment … stuck is worse.  We turn around and head home, me in tears and seriously bummed.

Then, after changing from city garb into PT garb and settling in at our usual Saturday morning breakfast spot,  I start to consider what has just happened and why.  I start to realize the Universe has just delivered a big message, the proverbial 2×4 … this series of work is not meant for the reps and my usual galleries.  This series is going to have a different trajectory, still to be determined.  We finish breakfast and head downtown to cruise the bookstores  – nothing at the used store, so I'm off to the metaphysical one ("new age"/"metaphysical" – whatever), where I find this which has been on my list for months.  We got home around 2 and I parked my back side on the couch and read for the rest of the afternoon – something I rarely do.  The book is amazing.  Even more amazing is that if I had bought it the day before, it would not have stuck – and boy howdy, is it ever sticking now.

Bottom line – I'm in the middle of a big transition, have been all year.  So many shifts, so many amazing moments, such an extraordinary year.

So, follow-up on the car … after a $180 diagnostic check – nothing. 
The way I figure it,  Subaru doesn't have a diagnostic code for "divine intervention".

One more thing, here's the pendant I made for me – the cross is based on early, pre-crucifix crosses (I think around 5th century).  Mine 2
It's not quite as fancy as the Gratitude versions.  It has the turquoise glass heart and piece of yellow we found one morning.  The back of the cross is stamped with "LGLG" and the reminder on my silk wrap is "forgiveness = freedom". 

I'll end with another Zoe pic – she's taken to hanging out on my work chair – silly kitty.Not me

with gratitude and many blessings – kvk