Turns out the new work is going to be featured at the September edition of PT's Gallery Walk.  Many things to do to get ready.  Ideas for the Talisman themes are being honed, elements assembled, photos taken, press release written.  I've written to the photographer of the Pompeii Angel that I love so much, asking for permission to use the image in my presentation.  Have yet to hear back, not sure I will.  I've never done this sort of thing, have always generated my own images and been okay with that.  It's very important for me to be absolutely above board with all aspects of this work – mandatory!  So, no permission, different angel from ??? … we shall see. 

Here's the components so far.  I've added a seed to the mix – a fenugreek seed.  
Talisman group 2 blogsize
The seed represents growth.  The feunugreek seed is a tribute to my grampa.  He owned two books – a Bible and Back to Eden.  He was always mixing up some sort of concoction, nasty stuff in the juicer, some smelly poultice to put on his head to grow hair (he was bald as a bat, not a tooth in his head).

Here's G+G Smith as I remember them – Grampa with his ever present well-worn Bible, Granny with her ready, but not obvious, smile and raspy laugh.G+g smith blogsize  

So that's where I am at the moment.  Looking back, but moving forward.  Hunkering down, focusing and trying to stay in the mindset of pursuing a limitless vision, no longer under wraps.

many blessings,