Things are flowing nicely, a joy all by itself.  Thought I'd post some of what surrounds me in this process……

Background music, a couple of selections from my Pandora John Abercrombie station:
Keiji Haino – this is kind of scary, but weirdly compelling – how's that for a strange description
Fred Frith – he's always a challenge, but this one's a little easier (think Rivers and Tides with cello)

What's on the worktable and in piles on the floor:

Inspiration pile 2
 One of my finds at our used book store.  This is the catalog from an exhibit in Israel of early Christian artifacts.  This is where I got my inspiration for the crosses I'm making. 

Inspiration pile

I'm including some gemstones in the pendants and want to know more about the healing properties.  The library has a classic on chakras and yesterday I dropped a chunk at the new age book store on two more gemstones and healing books.   So here's for diverse reading – along with the aforementioned gemstone books, in this pile there's the big fat September issues of W and Elle and the NY Times Fall Fashion magazine (I'm a closet fashionista), my favorite issue of Selvedge, Real Simple (potential place to market pendants), my goodie box from Lynne, and my Angels of Pompeii book.
 Inspiration pile 3

I also bought this one because of an idea that came to me during my morning meditation.  Hmmm, think I'll wait to see what happens with the pieces from that and see how it comes together – could be interesting. 

Here's some pieces in the works.
Some fired …
Tfft components
some not …Tfft components 2   The spirals represent Life, raw diamonds are the bumps in the road – treasures in disguise.  Tfft components 3

Also some cork clay cores for smaller hearts and a pebble shape that will tie in with the Celtic divination idea (if it works)

So that's where I am right this very moment. 

An important word of note … Kate has bestowed an honor upon this blog – heartfelt thank you to Kate.  I'm looking forward to following up on my end of the award. 

… now off to multi-task.

with gratitude and many blessings – kvk