Wellllll, it's different.  It dries really fast, feels very powdery when it's drying, looks a lot like terra cotta clay, not nearly as plastic as PMC,  so far it's not liking the way I gouge and poke and stretch things.  It does like water and doesn't get gelatinous when wet and is still quite pliable when leather hard.  The small amount of slip I made turned dark within minutes (must be the oxygen in the water), but it makes nice goupey slip right away.  I've just re-programmed the kiln per CoolTools recommendations – 250* p/hour up to 1490, for six hours total.  They said no need for holding at that temp, but I've plugged in an hour hold time.  The pieces have been drying under my halogen work lamp and are now in the oven to finish them off.  Like earthen clay, the pieces must be bone dry or they'll blow up.  Hmmm, but now it's almost 4 and a 7 hour firing is pretty late.  Of course, the program will shut it off, but these days I don't leave my beloved old kiln untended.  Here's what's going in for the first firing – about 1/3 of my 200 gram pack.Bronze metal clay

It's been a long time since I've done something this new.  Oh and don't forget the stainless container with activated charcoal, with the pieces layered within.  I'm trying a couple of hollow pieces, holes have been pierced into the sides and I'll stand them up in the charcoal so they don't collapse (same thing with earthen clay).  Should be interesting!  Wish me luck!

ttfn – kvk