A few images I've been wanting to post …

The wonderfully fragrant fenugreek seeds that will be wrapped into my talismans
Seeds 1 My own treasure box from Lynne
Treasure within 1UnfoldingTreasure within 2
Faiyum mummy

Shrouds – I love shrouds… the shroud of Turin, mummy shrouds (see the Faiyum portrait mummy ), I've made  lots of jewelry elements that have related to shrouds – beads and wraps.  There's something very primal about the connection – Thank you again, Lynne.

I was partially into a post that involved the business of catching up – lots of loose ends over the last couple of weeks.  I find myself in an uncooperative mood.  I've done a couple of things on the list, but can't seem to formulate the drive, words, images to do the others.  I'm thinking I'm still on the back side of the adrenalin rush of the last few days.  The Talismans were very well received and I only got choked up a couple of times during the debut evening reception.  But now my brain's a bit of a muddle.

I've got lots to figure out in the coming days – marketing and that sort of thing.  Change is afoot – big change. 

The "business" of art – my work is our primary source of income, so I don't allow myself too much time for the contemplative side of life.  Although, this year has been a notable exception.  That's where this whole blog thing began and how the new work has emerged.  It's thrown my usual M.O. right out the door and is providing all sorts of new challenges. 

The balance is shifting.  I'm well known for being way too cerebral – keeping everything in my head, figuring out everything.  Kind of tedious for people around me – I'm also well known for not letting too many people in, also tedious.  So, here comes the blog and throwing myself out to the unknown world and lord, I don't know what else.  It's all been kind of an "E Ticket" ride (at least that's what they used to call the big ticket rides at Disneyworld 35 years ago, who knows what they are now).  

I think I'll leave my unfinished business unfinished for today……………..