That would be me today – just sort of aimlessly wafting about.  Pondering the things that lead to that downward spiral and to feeling like a tattered rag flapping in the breeze.  At this stage in life it can be a challenge to figure out the trigger.  I'm thinking it's being bummed about not getting the "really good" images to AOT for their just now published coffee table book AOT book cover
– a retrospective of Teresa's three years as owner and visionary.  It ties into my struggle with anonymity versus recognition – translate EGO.  Throw in a few menopausal hormones and, voila, a perfect recipe for dissolving into a sad lump.

I'm also itching to do something creative but I haven't been able to settle down and focus on anything.  Did get out yesterday to peruse some galleries.  Had a lovely conversation with Barbara Zeretsky of CLOTHBZDesign table runnerI love fine fabric and surface design and she's got a great space for gathering and teaching and learning.  Barbara's work is elegant in its simplicity and lush pallette.  
I'll need to own something fairly soon, I'm sure.

So I guess I'm not as lowly as I thought.  The sun's out and I'm thinking it'd be a good thing to go work in the yard for a bit. 

ciao for now

many blessings,


p.s.  for Lynne – here's the stump of our old oak being ground into a mondo load of mulch – note the rotting of the base.  Stumpgrinder