Yesterday I made an attempt to get back to work.    I surrounded myself with inspirational materials – the tools of my trade.
Many wonderful things to entice and inspire.
My birthday hammer – hand forged head, hand carved handle
a thing of beauty …
Birthday hammer 
Many sparkly jewels from the last gem show …
Sparkly wonders
Bits of discontinued necklaces and earrings to re-work, shreds of ink stained silk organza, freshly cut calfskin lacing, images of beloved past creations …Assorted bits 2 Books and magazines – many topics, many mediums …
Seeking inspiration
… to no avail.  I finally gave up and got out of the house.  Turned out to be the right thing to do.  Something about driving around always brings up ideas and a renewed perspective. 

Today is better – no idea why.  Could be the last words I read before going to sleep.  From Oneness
"These times are about embracing the power with which you have been blessed and relinquishing the remnants of limitation and fear that result in separation from self … Recognizing the patterns of self-defeating response and releasing those tendencies is the task at hand."

'nuff said.