Something from the ATY blog … "transformation through absolute truth".  Now there's a challenge!
I think this is right … my sister-in-law, Veronica, end's her yoga classes with, prayer hands to the third eye – "know the truth", hands to lips – "speak the truth", hands to heart – "live the truth", and then "namaste" (at least I think that's pretty close).  I've really latched onto this theme and it's not an easy one to stick with.  There are endless ways to go astray. 

To help me focus my intention, I've written the "transformation" statement on silk and lashed it to my talisman.  And then tonight my Yogi tea "fortune" was right on target. 

These are two new necklaces and my own talisman.

Truth jewels b.s.

The new work is a part of this challenge and so far they are my "truth jewels".  This series is very much a "work in progress" and the details are still being tweaked here and there.  I'm really liking the hand cut leather lacing and the linen wraps in combination with the super sparkly gems.  Those disparate elements I've been trying to merge may just be coming together.

Then there's the new earrings.  They're very sparkly as well with a brighter finish than I've been doing and make me exceedingly happy.  One pair has faceted apatite nuggets …

New earrings apatite b.s.
The other pair has my favorite new stone, faceted blue topaz pyramids …

New earrings blue topaz b.s.

The merging of disparate elements, pieces of my psyche, elements of my soul, slices of my heart center.  Right now I am driven to focus on what resonates as absolutely true for me – across the board.  No artifice, slough off the superfluous, be – here – now.  "…honoring one's own inner truth with regard to what is needed and desired takes precedence over cultural conditioning and the expectations and demands of others … And the loving intent with which you infuse all choices establishes the basis for the gratification of your heart's desire."

with love and gratitude