Well, I don't have any kids, but I swear – getting my studio set up and trying to get back to work has been quite a process.  Extracting from the dark crevices of my brain the direction and components and materials and designing and making and assembling and taking apart and re-assembling and leaving things be over night to see if I still like them the next day and taking things apart and trying again and nudging this and that and then, yep, this is good and then pricing and taking pictures and packing and shipping and then taking more pictures and writing eloquent descriptions and putting myself out THERE once again.  Well it is a birthing process.

Et voila . . . . . . . .

The Woodland Series begins.  The green stone is vesuvianite, then there's rutilated quartz and pink tourmaline.  I'm really loving these faceted stones and their irregular shapes.  Must have more, lots more, but will have to wait until May!

Woodland duo vesuvianiteThis one has labradorite and flourite.
Woodland trioHere's another pink tourmaline.Woodland duo with tourmaline blogsize
And I really love these earrings. 

Woodland ring duo 1 I've posted these pieces and a couple more on Etsy – it's been months since I've had anything up in my shop.  We'll see if I leave them or if I snag them for my own self.  Have to sleep on it.  It's also a great relief to have shipped a nice assortment to Artisans on Taylor.  Gives me a bit of breathing room. 

Still much to mull and ponder and tweak and  – I guess that's the whole point isn't it?  It's why I call myself a jewelry designer rather than a jeweler or some other such thing – I love design, flat out love, that's all there is to it.

Off to sleep, perchance to dream and design and ponder  – nite nite.