recent goings on …

my shoulder froze up again – nothing like last year, but painful nonetheless …  ice/heat/tiger balm, new and taller stools for the 'puter and worktable, yoga … all helping

just discovered blog  – White Hot Truth  – gonna take some time, but seems like a good one for me.  A mix of creativity, entrepreneurship, spirituality, fashion – potential for lots of info and inspiration.

from the creativity mine – works in progress:
Bronze and leather march 09
I'm taking my existing catalog of work and tweaking – bronze instead of silver, shorter doubles and triples of coins and pearls and lashing them to leather – the woodland element.  Also, the bronze has a wonderful warmth and is gorgeous with the seaweed green faceted pearls.  So here's where I am thus far ………..   

A closer look … 

Pearls and a large bronze disc on brown silk with raisin colored
leather.  Dangles are smaller pearls, peridot, bronze, vesuvianite.Bronze pearls leather march 09

Re-working a kvk classic -  
bronze coins on brown silk as a short triple strand lashed to the raisin colored leather. 

Bronze and leather 2

I'm likin' this so far.
diggin' continues …….

with gratitude and blessings

p.s.  I'm thinking these may get a trial run on Etsy