Today feeling energized and excited …

  • just ordered a new kiln – YIPPEE!  no more nursing my dear old one along through firings, doing reiki juju over the controller all the time and flinching every time the relay sticks
  • have emailed WhiteHotTruth to take Danielle up on her Fire Starter session barter offer – we'll see if we can work something out – really really really exciting
  • just found my two favorite music videos on YouTube
  • on a lesser note – also ordered new slippers, since my old ones have pretty much deconstructed (happiness is a new pair of slippers); then got our new champagne flutes – always a good thing to have for impromptu celebrations

The deal with the music videos – the first one, Juno Reactor's God is God, my absolute favorite video of all time. 

This is what I want I've always tried to translate into my jewelry – the feeling I get from this video.  It's one reason I'm obsessed with naming things.  I think if I could identify the intriguing qualities I could replicate them in my work – not an easy thing.  The images are actually from a film called the Color of Pomegranates by Sergei Paradjanov, which I have but have only watched all the way through a couple of times.  The video is a super condensed version of the compelling elements.

Then my second favorite video is Suvetar by Gjallarhorn.
Same thing – what is it and how do I translate it.  Now that I've found them, I'm going to study them and see where I get.

so for now . . .