Watching the Suvetar video again, I realized I embedded an
"embellished" version.  Here's the one I know and love – the

And elaborating on Lynne's comment. 

These videos tap into something in my core, perhaps a cell memory. 
They are indeed about archetypes and expressing oneself from a place deep in
one's soul.  At it's best, I see that my jewelry has expressed these
qualities.  I'm thinking that's why my inspirations and expressions seem
to recirculate – medieval to tribal to wabi-sabi to oceania and back.  These things are part of my spirit's memory, so deep it's
virtually  impossible to describe -  cellular memory.  The drive
and feeling I get when I watch these videos just about makes me crazy -  I
feel like I could bust from the deep knowing that is desperate to be expressed.

So the trick is not to think – but to feel.  Design that emanates from
my heart center, not my over-stimulated intellect.

wish me luck.