I have the most vivid dreams in the time between when I wake up too early to get up and when I wake up for the day.  Today was a wonderful example.  As always, lots of peripheral things going on that didn't stick.  What did stick was wonderful – walking to some sort of group meeting, lots of activity and people around as we walk a path through a thickly wooded area.  I'm suddenly distracted by pairs of hummingbirds in every direction, in extraordinary variety … dark black with royal blue throats, electric blue, shining emerald, deep ruby red – the colors were exuberant and so was I.  I was in the middle of a swarm of incredible activity and bold color.
Hummingbird dreams
My take on this imagery  (after a quick scan of some on-line dream dictionaries) – seemingly small ideas can possess great power and stamina.  The variety in my work (which I can find worrisome) is no different than the variety of hummingbirds – they're all so beautifully different, but you always know it's a hummingbird.

I like this. 

I especially like those lingering dream images.  Maybe this post will help me remember them for a bit longer than usual.

on to the day.
Hummingbird dreams 3
Hummingbird dreams 2