This morning I’ve been blessed with an underlying sense of joy and potential.  In the past, those feelings were the norm rather then the exception.  Lately, these moments, sometimes stretching into hours, are rare.  This new place, our new home, getting back to work, just focusing in general – well, it’s been a series of challenges … a rocky river, not the smooth flowing stream that we had gotten used to in Port Townsend.

So this morning’s happiness is so very welcome and fills me with gratitude for the little things – the flowers blooming in the newly planted beds – black eyed susans and daisies . . .

summer blooms

exuberant bee balm . . .

bee balm

Of course I am so incredibly grateful for the big things – an amazing partner and love of my life for almost 30 years, a loving family that we actually like and enjoy spending time with, our comfortable and beautiful new home … well you get the idea.

My recent creativity mining forays are helping to clarify my story, my raison d’etre in the jewelry world, my goals and aspirations.  Recent goals and dreams have been elusive, clouded over by the move and new life.  If I don’t know what the dream is how can it come true?  If I don’t have clear goals, how can I grow and change and explode into the wildly creative force that, deep in my heart, I know I am.

So here I am on this beautiful Sunday morning, full of joy and gratitude in the loving embrace of my bountiful blessings.

sharing those blessings – with love and gratitude,


p.s.  not to mention the Fever Ray album has been playing non-stop – amazing and addictive background – delicious