The next few weeks are going to be interesting – very much so.  I’m officially caught up with orders.  Just sent a nice big one to Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite, very satisfying.  Today is TCB – getting financial ducks squared away, paying bills, balancing checkbooks, looking for squirrel deterrents to keep the little buggers off my new bird feeder, having a ginormous lunch at 12 bones BBQ half of which came home so’s I don’t have to cook tonight – all important stuff.

Now it’s time to move on to the next phase … designing new work for the fall shows which leads to new catalogs, hang tags, business cards, product information, etc, etc, etc, approaching potential galleries in town and re-connecting with my east coast galleries before moving to PT, re-designing my website and web presence in general which includes setting up a shopping cart on my site  – yes, you will soon be able to purchase goodies straight off the website (at least I’m hoping it’s soon), new graphics and icons and who knows what else, pitch articles to local magazines, newspapers, ditto for press releases, pitching to a couple of fashion mags as well.  And remember – I do EVERYTHING myself!

At the core of all this pitching is how I currently see myself and my work … ergo – Kathy Van Kleeck is a fully integrated, heart-centered jewelry designer with a keen interest in sharing the authentic expressions of and behind the scenes processing of that creativity.  Sharing occurs via this blog, my website and my Etsy site and most especially via the work itself – wearing it and feeling empowered.

A large project, in the daunting realm for sure, but essential and exciting.

onward ……………..

with gratitude and many blessings,