Right now – two of my favorite blogs are business oriented, albeit business in what I used to think of as ‘guerrilla marketing’, but bidness nonetheless.  What was once a radical approach to business is pretty much the new paradigm for success.

From Seth’s Blog – I love this idea.  Also love the ‘Two Ways to Build Trust‘ entry.


The Olympics
Kumba Mela
Times Square on midnight
Burning Man
The Super Bowl
Calcio Storico
Warren Buffet’s annual meeting
The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Your birthday

People love them. We generally agree we don’t have them often enough. What if you started one? More than half of the events on the list above were started by one person or a small organization.

Then from my new, new favorite – Hugh MacLeod’s  GapingVoid blog … so much good stuff.  You have to check out ‘the HughTrain’!

hughtrain hugh macleod

As I move into ‘relaunch’ mode, it’s vitally important that I maintain my heart-centered focus, don’t get too fancypants, resist the urge to, as Danielle says,  ’round up’  and pursue my success with the intention of the joyous and loving sharing of a common aesthetic.

ohhhh – that feels so right.

stay with me, it’s gonna be fun!