Once again – I’m not at my worktable.

It was such a gorgeous morning – I just had to open all the windows and go outside and putz.  I am NOT a fan of air conditioning (it’s been 30 years since I lived in a house with central A/C), but this new house has one and it’s been a necessity for the last couple of weeks.  So for a bit longer, until the day really heats up, I’ve got the windows open with a lovely breeze blowing through the house.

My first project was setting up something for a new flowering vine to climb around the deck.  I decided on one of my favorite materials, re-bar wire.  Man, do I love this stuff!  My fingers not so much.

wire work 2

These images don’t really show it very well.  Not to mention, once the vine gets going, all my work will disappear, but I had fun and it was a good creative diversion.  Another view …

wire work 1

Another diversion – unpacking my new treasure.  juicer What a lucky girl am I?  I’ve wanted a juicer for about as long as I can remember.  A remnant from my grandfather who used to make the most god-awful concoctions you can possibly imagine.  They always seemed to involve beets and onions and celery and carrots and looked downright disgusting.  Not to mention how they tasted to a seven year old who preferred Coca Cola.  When he stuck to just plain old carrot, I was right there, hands out and ready for a big ol’ glass.  My grandmother would make pies with the pulp, kind of sweet potato pie only with carrots.  Hmmm, maybe there was sweet potato in it.  So long ago, can’t really remember.  Anyway – my new treasure is an unbelievably generous house warming present from a dear friend.  If I had the car today, I’d be loading up on carrots.  That’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

lunchYesterday was my jaunt over to Nina’s to meet Walter and do some puppy-proofing around the house.  I loaded up the car with toys and chicken wire, wire cutters, staple gun, a nifty plastic snap together enclosure for inside the house, seriously yummy lunch from Greenlife and some easy meal subs for emergency back-up.

Of course a good portion of the visit was devoted to Walter.  He is way beyond cute.  I was quickly reminded of just how sharp puppy teeth can be.

what's left

And of course, the proud new mama.


As for work, I’m getting ready to head over to my table and get back to it.  I’m looking forward to working on the hoop earrings.  I had a wonderful comment/reminder from Melanie about proper hammering techniques.  Something I usually remember after I’m in forging mode for a while, but tend to forget when it’s been awhile.  Thanks Melanie!  One of the reasons I love hammering metal – my hammers.  The one I use most is very special – a gift from our neighbor in PT – Myron.

Mr Lord's hammer

Incredible thing, Kate and Myron moved to PT from the Asheville area and we have a bunch of friends in common.  Many years ago and while living in Asheville,  Myron was a caretaker and apprentice (I think that’s right) to Anthony Lord, a legendary figure in Asheville – architect, craftsman, artist, humanitarian and generous benefactor around town.  My hammer belonged to Mr. Lord.  I feel very fortunate to have returned this little treasure back to it’s hometown.  The face is a gorgeous mass of pocks and scars.  I believe all those years and good energy are worked into each piece I forge.

Goodness, that’s a lot in a couple of days!  To everyone that has been visiting my little world, a heartfelt thank you!  I feel blessed beyond words.

with love, gratitude and blessings,