Oh my – such a gorgeous morning.  After an early early thunderstorm and a good bit of rain, we woke to 62 degrees, a slight breeze and the sun pouring in.  Heaven.

Many things are happening right now.  Work is progressing, my Etsy shop has been updated, galleries are being contacted.  first batchA big one – I’m making progress with major dietary changes …  no more dairy, check; cutting out vino, check; cutting out sugar, almost there; cutting out caffeine, wellll – I’m working on it; a mega increase in fruit and veggie consumption, doing pretty well.  Having great fun with my new juicer.  My first batch of juice was carrot and cucumber – all that I had on hand – but I love the colors of the pulp!  Yesterday, I bought a 25# bag of carrots  – yum!    There’s a lot of parts to the juicer, lots to clean – so I’ll need to plan ahead and make my day’s juice all at once.  Dessert’s been as issue, so the last couple of nights we ran frozen strawberries and mango through the blender with a little soy milk – sort of sorbet or sherbet.  Very very yummy!

The idea behind this is becoming more congruent – at least that’s the word that keeps coming up.  At this stage in my life and work, it seems really important to align all the moving parts.  I’ve been feeling like I have a gear out of sync or something to that effect.  You know how you can hear and feel when a mechanical device is out of whack – that’s been me.  For some time, my little voice has been telling me what I should be eating and I’m finally listening.  The idea is that to be an awake and fully engaged person, all gears and moving parts need to be well-oiled and in sync.  Me and my visuals!  Well …… I’m very visual, I’m an artist … it helps.

Time will tell, but I’m working very hard to listen and acknowledge the messages I receive.  sundrenched workI get subtle reminders along the way.  Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t.  A couple of days ago, as we were heading out for our morning walk, I had the thought to take my camera.  Why would I do that?  There’s nothing that I want to take pictures of along the way.  Well, silly me.  Heading up the home stretch, we see a beautiful hot air balloon coming directly toward us.  He’s coming in for a landing and wouldn’t you know it … he lands just to the right of our path in a nice big yard.  We stopped and visited with the balloonist (?) for a bit, such fun, such an amazing sight, gee – too bad I didn’t have my camera.  Okay – there’s my subtle nudge to listen to that little inner voice.

This shift feels absolutely the right thing to do – not the easy thing to do, but the right thing.  sundrenched kittySo waking up this morning to perfect temperatures and glorious sunshine followed by fresh carrot juice and that warm glow of contentment, it’s bliss – pure and simple.  Now I’m going to switch over to work – sitting at my sundrenched worktable upstairs … while Zoe (the birthday girl) lolls in her own sundrenched spot downstairs.

I feel such gratitude, I feel so very blessed.

So, I send out to each of you enormous gratitude and heartfelt blessings.