The shopping cart project is not inspiring me – at all.  In fact the last couple of days have been dreadful roller coaster rides.  Yesterday – well, lets just say that I’m very happy it’s now ‘yesterday’.  By the end of the day things were turning around.  I decided to postpone the website/shopping cart makeover project and just make jewelry for a bit.  Finally after several bouts of careening up and down and the conversations in between, Dave said, “Just leave the other stuff alone for now.  Do what you do best, make beautiful jewelry.”

So I went back into the workroom and noticed some scanned images of the forged steel jewelry I made late last summer.  I love that work and it sold out almost immediately at AOT.  I’ve been sort of avoiding the steel, but it’s a very seductive material – it has such warmth, but with an industrial edge that I love.  So I got to thinking, my shoulder’s been doing just fine – no problem after making a half dozen pairs of hoops.  So I got out my spool of bailing wire (Home Depot is one of my favorite places to buy jewelry making supplies) and started cutting and whacking and, glory be … didn’t those little components look just fine?bailing wire jewelry

I’m thinking I’ll work on a bunch of different things.  I can fire PMC onto the steel wire – it looks amazing.  I’ve made bangle bracelets and rings that way.  Then there’s the link necklaces and bracelets and earrings.  I use PMC beads and discs and linen wrap accents.   Industrial organic – a favorite combination.  I’ve also got a special order for a stack of bones bracelets – not sure why I don’t just keep these on hand.  They’re just so classic.

So I survived yesterday, primarily with frequent conversations with Dave and frequent emails with Nina.  I am so very blessed to have them both in my life.  They yanked me out of the depths and I am enormously grateful.  To have that itch to create and the spark of an idea or two or six – it’s the air I breathe, my reason for being – and it’s back.

July 4th breakfast

July 4th breakfast

Today could have been spent working on nudging these sparks into flames, but I followed my horoscope and spent most of the day outside working in the yard with Dave.  A lovely day that started off with a beautiful walk and yummy breakfast and then eased on into a peaceful, fulfilling afternoon.  We’ll finish it off, being the home-bodies that we are, with a splurge … take-out Chinese and a DVD.

WOO HOO! Par-ty on dudes and dudettes!

Happy and safe 4th!

love gratitude and blessings,