I’ve been pondering the evolution of this blog.  It started out as ‘waking up’ and followed many months of  intense introspection, spiritual exploration and, well, waking up.  My banner was bright, expansive, ever so hopeful.

expansive banner copy

My work was evolving – I had my ‘spiritual coming out’ party at AOT via my Talismans For Fellow Travelers series – now that was intense!  I’m not used to crying at gallery openings.  At that same time, we had decided to leave Port Townsend and move back to North Carolina – huge.  So then there was the chronicling of that transition and it’s been transition ever since.  This image really looks like how we’ve felt since last November – off into the abyss.

off into fog

I had been in serious steamroller mode for so very long.  My tendency had been to formulate a goal, set my intention and just motor right along until I arrived at said goal.  It all started after watching ‘The Secret’ (whenever that came out?), buying not one, but two copies – one with Esther Hicks, one without – and basically inundating my brain with that process.  I had the DVD running in my studio, playing over and over and over for days into weeks.  I put up vision boards, was manifesting my heart’s desire left and right, straight on up to selling our house in less than one week (the week the stock market crashed) and moving across the country and landing in Asheville.

But now, things are different.  Not that I’m bringing awful things into my life, but the ‘flow’ is not really flowing quite like it was.  It feels more like mud or glop or goo.  The other day I pulled out my old vision boards – all of them completely irrelevant to my life right now.  Aha, I thought, make new vision boards!  But this is where I am and all I can think of is – basically nothing ……….

blank 1blank 2blank 3

How’s that for strange?  I’m an artist for god’s sake!  How can I have blank walls in my studio?  Why can’t I come up with anything to put on my vision boards or some sort of inspirational something?  Weird, just plain weird.

So here I am – I think it’s time to plug The Secret back in.  Interesting thing, I am inspired to work.  I can FEEL there’s been a shift, maybe the mud is starting to thin.  I’m making jewelry and putting things on Etsy and getting ready to send work out to AOT and I got a nice order from the reps and the August wholesale shows are coming up and I need to make new jewelry samples and new catalogs and all that entails.  I just don’t have an ‘ultimate’ goal.  A goal for where I want my work to go or how I want my business to grow.  The Secret has several great visuals for being in this position.  The gist of them all – just take the first step, then the next … you don’t need to know HOW it will all work out, just keep moving and follow your heart and it will take you where you need to be.  Joseph Campbell said it best, “follow your bliss.”  Which reminds me of Geoffrey Rush in Shakespeare in Love – how’s this all going to work out? … “I don’t know, it’s a mystery.”

Things I know for sure …

Walter’s got a belly like a watermelon.

bellies and bijoux

bellies and bijoux

Nina and I descended into the depths of mutual hatred and emerged better friends than before – did I say this before … the ‘phoenix sisters’.

nina's bijoux

nina's bijoux

My life is incredibly blessed.  This morning’s breakfast table illustrates the day to day joy that is returning to my life.

friday morning

friday morning

So I continue to move through the fog.  Even though I can’t see specifically where I’m going, I know I’m on a good path.  The right path for this time and this place.  How’s this all going to turn out?  I don’t know, it’s a mystery.