Gotta say, that last post certainly generated some good conversations.  No mindless chatter here!

So much can happen in just a few days.

Being present, being here now while growing a successful business – today it seems like a no-brainer.   There are steps that I want to follow (not should or must), a plan to move ahead, new work to design and create and  marketing avenues to explore.  Maybe part of the problem is semantics; maybe the word should be steps rather than goals.  Goal implies completion.  I don’t want to be done, I just want to be moving forward – a process, a gentle unfolding journey.  I’d like my progress to be intentional and thoughtful.

So here’s my idea – approach my business as I would a walking meditation.   I’m being present with each step and there’s movement forward.  My business evolves – a natural process, not forced or strangled by my need for control.

That feels right.  That feels doable.

One small thing that has helped me along the way is my own talisman.  Lately I’ve been making adjustments and adding things.   I recently added the chakra pendant – it has a small ruby in the place of the heart chakra – a reminder to stay heart-centered.  My current ‘blessing’ is “transformation through absolute truth”.  A good one, but I think it’s time for a new one – not sure what.

kvk talisman

kvk talisman

I have to say, I am encouraged with my new business model.  It’s probably just new to me, but that’s the whole point.  This is my journey, my process – I am waking up.  I can admire another’s progress, be encouraged and inspired by their writings and accomplishments.  But I follow a solo path and must blaze my own trail.  That path, that trail leads to the light that shines from within … to my heart center.  From that place I can move out and forward.


with love, gratitude and many blessings,