I’ve really been enjoying the discourse over my last couple of posts.  Such good fun …

But my business has gotten busy and I’ve got a daunting task ahead.  I just got my samples back from the reps and, here comes the tricky part, I have to weed out slow moving samples, finish designing and then make new work, photograph everything and plug into a new catalog – print and CD formats – and have everything packed to ship back to Portland by August 3rd.  I’m working very hard on not freaking out.  I thought the San Francisco show was later in August.  It’s the second weekend and I have to stay very focused for the next week.

The challenge there, Dave’s aunt passed away suddenly last weekend.  She lived just down the road a bit and his Dad and all the rest of that side of the family has begun its influx.  Memorial services will be next weekend.  So, I’m really concerned that I need to have everything done by Friday, really really trying not to panic.

So, this post is necessarily brief and not near as much fun as the last couple.  But that’s the life of this solo artist/entrepreneur/alchemist.  I know first hand that time can expand when needed … I need some big-time expansion.

Wish me luck………..