Okay, so my addiction does not involve substance abuse or gambling or anything particularly heinous.  And it’s not a problem with storage or spending too much money, but sometimes I just have to wonder … how many pairs of flip flops does a girl need?

So here’s what got me thinking about this  …  We spent the day yesterday cruising Asheville.  We started off with a yummy doodle breakfast at Tupelo Honey – eggs and grits and sausage and bacon and biscuits with butter and honey and iced tea – half sweet/half unsweet – just right.  Then ran into an old friend from way back, Kitty Love – our favorite tattoo artist and, we’ve recently found out, she’s turned local politician and arts activist.  Anyway – a really good conversation about the state of the arts and catching up and potentially doing a trade!  I’m closing in on what I want and Kitty has always been my first choice for an artist, so we’ll just have to see.

Then we headed to the North Asheville Farmer’s Market and stocked up on fresh produce.  It’s tomato time and I bought a small bunch – they’re now roasting in the oven.  It’s been years since I’ve done this, but they got cored, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with some of the Provence sea salt I’ve been hoarding, and freshly ground pepper, and are slow cooking for several hours in the oven, then they’ll cool off and get zip-locked and frozen for future use.

tomatoes roasting

tomatoes roasting

I’m also planning on roasting the poblanos I bought and stuffing them with polenta and goat cheese and then baking.  I’ll make my slow cooked Mexican chicken to go with them and not sure what else.  Hmmm, I’m thinking that really good quality organic food has turned into an addiction as well … nah, that’s a necessity!

Anyway, after a lovely morning, we deposited our fresh haul at home and then set out to brave the hoards around town during this tax-free weekend.  We spent the ENTIRE afternoon driving around town in our spiffy new ride (such gratitude and blessings to Aunt Ruth)  looking for ways to spend money to no avail.  Zip, nada, squat – until we stopped one more place.  A store close to home that we had no idea what it was or what it carried and there they were ……………. one pair of acid yellow Havaianas flip flops in my size for $3!

As you can see, I already own perfectly good flip flops – actually quite a nice selection.  One thing – they’re all very subdued colors.  Jazzy bright yellow was definitely a necessity.



And I was JUST looking on-line at the Havaianas site for lime green or bright yellow or green zorries and there weren’t any and then there they were and golly, how can I resist when they were only THREE DOLLARS!  Okay, so they are just a smidge big.  I usually wear the 35/36 and these are 37/38, but they’re not huge and, well – you get the idea.  Dave just rolls his eyes and laughs.  To date, I have a nice copper and brown pair of Reef’s (not nearly as comfortable as the H’s), Havaianas – I have black, chocolate brown, metallic gold and now my zippy acid yellow; then there’s my dress-up pair, an over-the-top pair of Cydwoqs.  A while back, I got a nice big gift certificate to the Sundance catalog and had been lusting after them for years and they even came in a nifty muslin bag … for $160 they better.  I like the diversity, $3 to $160 and I love them all!

So there you have it … my newly expanded collection.  Granted my addiction is mild compared to the collecting habits of some of my friends.  But it is what it is – not quite a problem, just a mild addiction, and such fun!

Wish me well with my goodie roasting.

Silliness abounds!  I think that’s best.

blessings – kvk