Goodness, it’s been such a struggle today – for no real reason.

Last night I finished the book I was reading – it had a rotten ending.  Hrmpf.

This morning was a bit cooler even though the humidity was high.  So I started off looking forward to opening the house up (I hate air conditioning) and then the next street over there was some major road work or cement work and hammering and shoveling and big engines and just too much noise – close the windows.  Hrmpf.

Work was actually going pretty well, assembling a big ol’ pile of jewels to send out to AOT in PT.  Scanning and pricing and bagging everything.  Nothing to be grumpy about there.

Then I was taking pictures of work for Etsy … very important to get some new work up since I yanked a bunch to send to AOT.  I like to circulate pieces, rearrange things, keep things fresh.   Images turning out quite well, nothing to be grumpy about there.

Had a nice lunch out – just a fast food quickie – okay, so I’m a big Hardie’s fan.  Remember me doing so well on my food intake?  The two weeks of familial visits around Aunt Ruth’s gathering, dinners out and luncheons, etc etc etc, got me way off track … have yet to get back on the really healthy food train.  Anyway, nothing to be grumpy about there.

Basically I have nothing to be grumpy about.  The hammering and engines stopped a while ago, work is going well, the sun came out (the AC remains on).  One thing I do know – an underlying cause ties into my persistent case of ‘hydroplaning’.  I’m still sort of floating along.  Goals are not forming, I seem to be in an on-going state of flux … can’t seem to settle down.  I’m being productive, so that helps immensely.  This is also helping.  I love love love this song that has showed up on my Anouar Brahem Pandora station … Tin Hat Trio, The Longest Night.

Hmmm, maybe I’m not feeling quite as grumpy, now that I’m really thinking about it.  Hmmm, I think I’m better.  Sweet sigh of relief ………

Okay, on to something much more fun …  here’s a bit of show and tell.  I’ve sent all these necklaces off, but kept a couple pairs of earrings that I’ll be posting on Etsy.  The final product of all that banging on steel …..

I do love these two pieces.  The necklace is such a simple design, but very striking and the bracelet is just plain cool.

linen and steel blog 1

This one reminds me of a painting, but I can’t remember whose!  Maybe it was an O’Keeffe work on paper?  Maybe Miro?  Help!

linen and steel blog 3

This one has kind of a classical structure, but is decidedly not – more industrial than classic.  Industrial organic – that’s me!

linen and steel blog 2

I saved this pair of earrings and a couple more for Etsy.  Look for them on the morrow.  Gotta say, they’re a really great pair of earrings.

linen and steel  blog 4

I’m not having much luck figuring out my floating issues.  A key word here ‘figuring’.  Definitely time to get out of my head, not an easy thing for cerebral me.  The plan for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow is Etsy day – post post post, list list list.  After that, I’m taking a few days off.  Dave’s on break and we’re planning a couple of day trips.  We blew our chance at $108 tickets to NYC with a free place to stay (no Zoe sitter), so plan F is to cruise around the region … visit some friends, check out Penland and some of the studios in that area, try really hard to not think about hydroplaning and just enjoy cruising around in our stylie new ride, taking it easy with no agenda or goals or ulterior motives.  I think that’s what people call a vacation.

Wish me luck.

Blessings – kvk

p.s. I like using the same work three times in a row, not sure where that originated …  maybe the Crow Girls.