Okay, so I’ve been hiding for a bit … well, taking a break from blogs and emails for a few days and looking for something to inspire me – something, anything!  The new pots are wonderful, but they don’t really count.  For weeks I’ve been looking for something to pique my curiosity, engage my interest, an electric cattle prod to my creativity.

A couple days ago, the dearth of inspiration started to subside – my new copy of Selvedge finally came.  To make it more wonderful, it’s the French issue.  Dave and I are on a big French thing.  A trip to Europe, mainly Paris, is an ongoing goal, but after seeing “Julie and Julia”, we’ve been on a major tear.  French movies, stacks of books from the library, we’ve even signed up for conversational French lessons which start in a couple of weeks – should be very much fun to do together.  So the Selvedge French issue is perfect.

And then today –  Dave found this exceptionally yummy book at Malaprops, Paris: Made By Hand … oh my oh me oh my, serious eye candy!

eye candy 1

I am in absolute heaven.  Anyone that loves wonderful images of really cool shops and displays and clothing and pots and jewelry and well … just take a look at a couple of pages:

eye candy 2eye candy 3eye candy 4

This was a splurge, but nothing compared to what we found a little while later.

First, a bit of background.  I’m a big fan of a clothing designer named Giselle Shepatin, have been for years.  I’m trying to remember, but I think the first time I saw her work was at a local art-to-wear gallery, at least six or seven years ago.  I was smitten.  So much so, that a couple of years ago I tried my hand at her “scrapplique” technique.  I found a dress at my favorite consignment store in PT when I was looking for something to wear for that evening’s gallery walk.  I bought the dress in the morning, went home and dragged out all my scraps of velvet and crazy ribbons and fabric and had my little creation ready for that evening.  Behold, Kathy’s moderately successful attempt.


But today – I found a GEN-U-INE Giselle Shepatin jacket at a consignment shop in town.  I can’t remeber how much they sell for new, hundreds I’m sure, but this one was $68.  Another really big splurge, but there it was.  How could I not get it … it was my size, my colors and for 68 bucks, a steal!  Behold, the real deal:

giselle 1

giselle 2

giselle 3

I know this kind of raw, crazy patch-workie stuff is not for everyone, but I’m about to bust a gut I’m so excited – about everything.  I may even have some new jewelry ideas swirling around in my lil’ ol’ head.  Monday, I’m heading to the library to check out all the books on Joan Miro’.  I’m thinking there’s jewelry to be created inspired by some of his line drawings – pretty sure.  That and my little book and my new jacket, me thinks there’s something lurking in the dark recesses of my muddled brain, ready to emerge from the darkness as something new and very exciting … well at least that how it seems right now.

The pendulum swings yet again …………..

with so much gratitude

blessings – kvk