I’ve just spent the last 3 1/2 hours or so listing jewelry on Etsy .  That does not count the hours spent yesterday photographing and editing said photos.   I’m definitely about cross-eyed.  I have a feeling this is not the ideal listing strategy – I think you’re s’posed to string listings along – but I do what I can when I can.  Consequently, my shop has now doubled in size.  Nice to be done for a bit …

I have yet to dive into the shopping cart thing.  I’m having a hard time getting motivated … that may be directly related to the 70 pages of instructions I’ve printed out – that’s just the ‘creating add to cart buttons’ section.  My other big project is to make a whole set of samples for my own self.  That should be a good exercise, time and materials consuming, but a necessary thing if I want to do my own marketing.

Of course, I’ve managed some surfing in between bursts of actual productivity.  My latest most favorite thing is the clothing designer Gary Graham’s fall collection.  I wanted to post a couple of images, but they’re all tied into flash player and I can’t figure out any way to cut and paste.  It’s a really exceptional collection, really exceptional.  A nice companion to his palette is Eileen Fisher’s fall group.  I probably like both of these collections because there’s a lot of charcoal grey and kind of a golden ochre – one of my very favorite combinations.  Plus fall clothes and shoes make me hyperventilate with excitement.

Something I’ve know about for years, but haven’t really followed that closely, is the Pantone seasonal color forecasts.  The Fall 2009 colors are gorgeous, well, at least they’re all my favorite colors.  So it’s pretty interesting to me that Gary Graham and Eileen Fisher are both using similar palettes that tie in with the Pantone forecast.

This may not be particularly interesting to anyone else, but I love love love rich colors and those little Pantone swatches.  It adds another level of enjoyment to perusing my ‘big 3’  September issues – Vogue, W and Bazaar.  The other thing about that grey and ochre – at the last gem show, I bought a bunch of gemstones in just those colors – how enormously clever of me … who knew?

Here’s a couple more of my favorite things …

Shoes …Fiorentini + Baker , Trippen

Clothes … Robin Kaplan, Dosa

Toast – British catalog, very cool

Walkers of Pottersgate – another British on-line shop, equally cool

The Costumers Manifesto – amazing resource for DIY types

Okay, that’s enough for now.  Sorry there’s no pics – it’s that cross-eyed thing.  Just couldn’t quite go there.

This’ll be me submerging yet again … glub glub glub

ttfn along with many heartfelt blessings – kvk