Gary Graham images!  Thanks Cindy!  I tried two different approaches to nabbing the images – one worked better than the other, but here are  three of my favorite pieces – with that wonderful golden ochre.  This one can be worn as a dress or a skirt – yummy!

gary graham fall 09 no 6

This is the one I buggered a bit,- chopped off her feet – but there’s that ochre peeking out.

gary graham fall 09 no 23

More layering – gorgeous!

gary graham fall 09 no24

Andrew sent me a bunch of images he copied with his Mac – apparently Mac’s make this sort of thing easy cheesy – so now I’ve got quite a few images saved for future inspiration.  Thank you Andrew!

And just to see how consistent I am in my tastes – here’s a couple of amazing Talya Baharal pieces from her Skin Forms series that tie in beautifully with the Gary G garments …

talya baharal discsTalya Baharal vertebrae

So very satisfying …  Thanks for the help you two!

One more note – I’m mulling over my approach to blogging and comments and facebook and all that.  Not sure where it will lead.  In search of my center – closing in ………….

blessings – kvk