That’s me – in the world of Myers-Briggs personality testing.  I remembered this while showering this morning.  It explains a lot about some of my difficulties with the world of social networking, well networking of any kind really.  Basically, I’m an extreme introvert and function better in my head than in the world.  This is not to say I can’t function out in the world, just that I’d rather not.  I actually function quite well – doing trade or craft shows for example.  For me, it’s performance.   My personality type falls into the ‘good information’ category.  Not a bad thing, not a good thing, just information.  Here’s a link for the curious.

So I got sidetracked today after reading Danielle’s post this morning … color me surprised!  Her Burning Questions guest’s book recommendations got me thinking about business plans and models.  Two books in particular:   Visionary Business by Marc Allen, a really good book which I’ve had for years and then one that I’ve known about for years, but decided immediate acquisition was necessary, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

I got home from errands, which included purchasing said book followed by lunch and a free Chick-fil-a sandwich (’cause Dave wore his FSU shirt, what people won’t do for free food), and started de-cluttering.  I cleared up  my worktable and sorted through the mystery stack on my bookshelf.  A pile for the library magazine exchange, an inspirational stuff pile, recycling and business stuff.  Then I dug up my really old business plan from July 2001 – that should be interesting reading, and printed out my own Burning Questions answers from this past April.

A lot of what’s bothering me these days is my lack of focus and direction.  Some have commented that I seem really productive within my current plight.  Yep, I am getting things done, making deadlines and all that.  It’s the BIG picture stuff that escapes me.  So my thinking as of right now (amazing how it changes almost daily) is to work on the Visionary Business model for a couple of days.  A really good exercise in that is ‘imagining your ideal scene’ which leads to writing a business plan – bet this gives a lot of people the willies.  I’m really good with this stuff – it’s that well balanced right and left brain of mine.  Y’all do know I spent a big part of my early years in offices?  How’s this for a title – I was the Manager of the Claims Control Department and head File Librarian for the Medicaid Billing System for the state of Florida … followed soon thereafter by several years in banks – teller, loan servicing, loan origination.  See, people can change their spots!

Of course, in between working on writing all this down and doing deep searching about the soul of my business, I’ll be working on jewelry.  Bottom line, I want to know where I’m going.  I want my business to grow and thrive.  So it seems like the best way to do that is to start all over.

My three key questions …

Where am I going?

What do I love?

Is it an authentic expression?

That’s it for today.

blessings – kvk