Wow – Excellent comments!  This has me really excited – so I’m trying to calm down, breathe and remember all the things I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of hours.  I seem to be experiencing a wave of clarity, gotta ride!

What I’ve done in the past is visualize specifics – I want to get into ‘this’ guild, I want to do ‘this’ show, I want to be ‘here’.  Suffice it to say, I haven’t gone to any of those places.  I’ve achieved a wonderful level of success, but not via the path I originally visualized.  Like Clara and Mansuetude were saying, putting out specific desires and goals is potentially incredibly limiting.  Traveling into the unknown, how can we REALLY know what’s available to us?

What I want to do now – lay the groundwork for a general direction, make fertile the soil, ” foster the conditions under which grace is most likely to visit us” (well said Clara).  I’ve been on this planet long enough to know ‘how’ I want to live, what my priorities are, where I’m willing to compromise, where I won’t.  For instance, the main reason I wanted to live in Asheville was GreenLife Grocery with an abundance of readily available high quality organic food with a big focus on the local growers.  The regional supermarket’s bags of wilted, brown kale was enough to make me weep and run away from the rural setting we originally chose straight to this urban center with too much noise, too much traffic, too many people.  But for now, for growing my business, for getting Dave through grad school, for getting to know ourselves and the area a lot better … Asheville is where we are meant to be.

What I’m visualizing for the near future is less specific.  Right now, my business is our only source of income, so I want my business to grow.  The way I see doing that is to broaden my market.  Then, beginning to define a direction and making choices about how to access that broader market.  How do I find something that I know exists, I’m just not sure where it resides.  That’s where I will listen to my heart even more closely.

Is this like the sculptor and the large block of stone?  Was it Michelangelo?  The finished work has been there all along, it’s my job to coax it out of hiding, give it definition, refine it’s edges, polish it to a soft lustre and release it to the universe.  I definitely don’t want more of where I’ve been.  I’ve been ‘this close’ for so many years.  Something has to change.  Something IS changing.  A sticky business for sure and I will absolutely land squarely on my two feet.

I got this link off of today’s WhiteHotTruth post – Gwen Bell’s How to create your personal manifesto .  I haven’t read it yet, but it looks interesting.  Once again, following my heart and my nose, this morning maybe more like key strokes and links, but whatever it is – the wave’s rolling and I’m riding it as far as I can.

thanks everyone for furthering this really excellent conversation.

blessings – kvk