Lovely morning.  Perfect temperature, sun pouring into my studio …

sunny morning

Making some progress on the samples.  My fingers get downright tired after pinching out 3 packages of discs …

almost ready

And I just love these components.  One of those ‘aha’ moments when I’m trying to come up with new ways to use existing components.  I fold the pmc over pieces of sterling chenier – they slide right off when dry.  They look especially nice drying in the sun.  Note – to the left one of my favorite things to do … I love taking old dish racks and coming up with new ways to use them.  There’s never been a dish rack I couldn’t  retrofit for some excellent new use.  You can sort of see two of dish rack storage units in the first photo.  What is it about dish racks???  I love dish racks!


Throw in some nice background music (pardon the strange little anime image) and it makes for a really lovely morning.

Later in the day, I did a bit of tweaking on my website … changed my tagline a bit and re-wrote my bio/about page.  See what you think.

It would have been a perfect workday, but my neighbor Norman decided to burn some brush … big fire, lots of smoke, closed the windows all afternoon, still smokey tonight, had to turn the air conditioner on – grrrrr.  Now, winding down for the day.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have to go out tomorrow, that would be especially nice.

One more – it doesn’t get much better than this … from 1 Giant Leap – ‘Happy’.

sweet dreams

blessings – kvk