Okay, so a major goal of mine is to broaden my market.  I’ve seen first hand from having my jewels at AOT that my work appeals to a wide spectrum of humanity.  Now I want to take it national.

To that end, I just signed up for an ad in BUST magazine – their BUSTshop section in the December/January edition – translates HOLIDAY!  Each issue is on the stands for two months, and my ad will also run on their website for the full two months, plus they have little rotating ad links in the sidebar.

The one thing that keeps coming to mind – I hope these vivacious young things won’t mind that they’re buying jewelry from a slightly crazy menopausal woman.  I know the work speaks for itself and already has broad appeal, but there’s that old self-doubt niggling at my backside.  You see, deep down, what I want to be when I grow up is eccentric. Hmmm, how about chic and eccentric … that’s a nice combination.  Right now, I’m not particularly eccentric, just slightly bent and overall, pretty well-balanced and relatively normal.   I don’t know, can you be eccentric and well-balanced?  I’m definitely a work in progress.

Basically, I’m approaching this with not too much fear, a healthy degree of humor, and a lot of excitement.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

deep breaths, lots of deep breaths   …………..  wow, this is pretty exciting!

with enormous gratitude and blessings – kvk

p.s.  a bit of a blast from the past …  remember Howard Jones?  We actually saw him in a solo performance at the Paramount in Seattle back in ’84 or ’85.  We were the oldest people there!  We always loved his positive message, not to mention his stylie threads.  Nice to see he’s still rockin’.